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Alizée Veauvy – Project leader, storyteller, graphic designer and actress (Amy Moss)

Alizée Veauvy has two passions: coffee and creating new projects. In parallel to her studies in modern literature which have led her to begin research in the field of gaming studies at the Paris Ouest Nanterre University, and which has no real bearing on the following, she learned how to adapt her skills and knowledge to the world of video games: namely writing turned into storytelling, illustration turned into graphics and theater turned movie. She collaborated and drank much coffee with the following people in order to breathe life into the worlds she envisioned.

Contact Alizée Veauvy at alizeeveauvy@gmail.com

Loïc Janin – Developer and actor (Lance Aisnay)

Loïc Janin is a computer engineer recently graduated from the Parisian school INGESUP. Starting with a global training in his first years, he has been specializing into for the last two years in the field of game development and works for Armogaste, a video game startup dedicated to mobile gaming. Loïc has been in the amator theatrical world for the last ten years, which he’s lent to the interpretation of his character Lance Aisnay.

Contact Loïc Janin at janinloic@gmail.com

Julie Cappe de Baillon – Game Designer and actress (Scarlett Eppledore)

Julie Cappe de Baillon enters the world of music, theater and literature at a very young age. Her theater courses begin in primary school, continue for two additional years in high school to finally lead her in an improv troop for this last year. It is when Julie is admitted to the Conservatory of the 17th district in Paris in the field of Dramatic Art that she truly understands that theater is an integral part of her life.

She continues her literary studies, passes her L baccalaureate with a theater option and finally is granted access for a year in Hypokhâgne at the Molière College, known for its theater classes.

Julie continues her studies in literature at the Sorbonne and joins in parallel a professional theater school for the next two years.

Curious by nature, she stabs a first try at video gaming with Loïc Janin and Alizée Veauvy, and discovers Game Design. She focuses in her literary studies, and orients herself in communication.

Contact Julie Cappe de Baillon at julie@debaillon.com

Mélanie Toubeau – Film-Maker

Mélanie Toubeau has had a training in editing at the Audiovisual BTS in Cannes. After countless « making-of » of coverage, she began an internship at MadmoiZelle.com and was then hired as a Film-Maker for chronicle videos. She has also been working on editing and making-of for the Golden Moustache, Studio Bagel and l’Originale.

Contact Mélanie Toubeau at toubeau.melanie@gmail.com

Tom Rieu – Actor (Aaron Williams)

Tom Rieu is an Engineer at the Centrale Supélec school. He has been practicing theater for the last eleven years. Since 2012, he has joined two different troops: Eurêkadabra and Vis-à-vis. With them he has prepared for various plays every year, following dozen of hours every week. In total, he has played in many theatrical pieces : Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare, The night of the Valognes by Schmitt, The Three Sisters by Tchekhov and Antigone by Anouilh. He has also taken parts in a couple short films.

Contact Tom Rieu at tom.rieu112@free.fr

Samuel Labrousse – Actor (Mat Winsmay)

Samuel Labrousse’s true vocation for theater comes to him after two internships at the Florent Classes. Upon arriving in Paris, Samuel has a preparatory class for Hypokhâgne during his first year in order to familiarize himself with writing theatrical pieces. He then begins Theater the following year and joins a school for professional theater training for the next three years. He loves being on stage and his enthusiasm for his craft will grow as he gathers experience in the field.

Contact Samuel Labrousse at labroussesamuel@laposte.net

Aurore Del Grande – Actress (Junie Schmitt)

Aurore Del Grande is Italian-Corsican and from Marseille. She has always been passionate about contemporary theater and cinema. Parisian at heart, she is working as of right now with Charlotte Cattus in a Web Series called Eleris, and with Nicolas de Lavergne in Anne et Richard. She has already made her mark while working with Sylvia Roche, a celebrity in Marseille. Very curious, she loves to try a bit of everything. She especially enjoys Shakespearian theater, but it is definitely contemporary theater that attracts her, with a special mention for Sarah Kane’s interpretations.

Find and contact Aurore Del Grande at her site: http://auroredelgrande.wix.com/actor#!contact/czpl

Pascal de Nicolo – Actor (Allan Doyle)

Pascal de Nicolo feels from a very young age, a passion for theater and cinema. Following multiple plays at the House for the Young and Culture, he joins a theater troop with whom he’ll have access to plays of the Comedia dell’arte by Carlo Gozzi such as The Green Bird or The Deer King. It is in 2013 that Pascal leaves his native Alsace for Paris and joins a theater and film school. He will study there a wide curriculum which will lead him to work with the greatest authors and various crafts on stage: Molière Shakespeare, Tchekhov, contemporary theater, clowning, improv and stand-up.

Discover Pascal de Nicolo through his demo reel https://vimeo.com/149071539 \n
and contact him at denicolopascal@gmail.com

Matthias Crévieaux – Actor (Dimitri Ivanovitch Astrov)

Matthias Crévieaux is a heck of a program. What truly characterizes him, is his unequivocal love for chocolate and coffee, and his the way in which his French and English fight each other when he speaks. In a nutshell, he’s created a video game startup called Armogaste, is a graduate from NYU Tisch (BFA) in New York and has a specialization in Film and TV production and special effects. Since 2015, he has been giving classes in Game Design, Graphic Design and 2D special effects at the LIM’ART school, in the Ynov group.

His only true contribution to humanity is by far his one published book: They’re Sliding. In it, an imaginary penguin in an apocalyptic world attempts to hold what’s left together.

This also might be the best description he’s ever written about himself. Joy.

Contact Matthias Crévieaux at contact@armogaste.com

Antoine Baconin – Sound Engineer and Designer

A student in Sound Engineering at EICAR, Antoine has created the audio atmosphere of the game. He was at first a boom operator on set, and then in post production, became its sound engineer. As he’s gathered experience on film sets, Antoine has developed a passion for sound in cinema, then in the world of video gaming in which he would like to orient his future career.

Contact Antoine Baconin at baconinantoine@gmail.com

Lila Marietta – Location Scout

Lila Marietta is a student in Modern Literature in Nanterre, which has nothing to do with what she did for the following game. She has an enormous sympathy factor which has allowed her to convince people to surprisingly lend her their houses for the shoot. She has made many many many many coffees and teas. Also, she likes to communicate on social networks (especially Tumblr) and loves culture and, of course, making coffee.

Contact Lila Marietta at lila.marietta@outlook.fr (She’ll answer, even on sundays!)

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